How to find love and companionship
Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:44am

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Everyone wants companionship. Socializing with our buddies may be fun, but seeking a relationship with a partner is the next level.

You must identify what companionship is before you can seek it. You must understand companionship before you can build on it.

What is true companionship?

Companionship is when a partner’s hearts, minds, emotions and bodies come together to form a very special bond.

Many men do not communicate their minds well. However, most men want companionship as much as women do. Many times men hide their companionships within their ego. They want women more than they express. They desire to love and be loved. So, if you are thinking, “He has no companionship”, then you may be wrong. It’s there… it’s hidden. Build your companionship by expressing your support more. A deep and meaningful bond is obtained by physical pleasures, romance, showing of affection and sex. Those elements are the true heart-felt desire of virtually everyone.

Sex is like salt to relationships. Add it as the nice touch to companionship, like it would be the nice touch to a tasty meal. In this instance, men crave it. They want a lot of sex, all the time. Women need sex too, but in moderation. There need to be a balance of how both partners get what they need. Think of it as the Goldilocks and the three bears. Not too much sex and not too little. It must be just right. Note: some women need a lot of sex too. In those rare occasions, it’s fine for both parties to become locked in high gear. The point is: both parties must be sexually satisfied without pushing the other with too much or too little. A great sex life will dramatically enhance the companionship.

How do you improve the sex?

· Men love women that can turn herself on

· Make sex fun

· Give him hints when he’s arousing you

· Tease him

· Be naughty

Women need time to get horny for sex. Men are more than glad to pull out all the stops to get his woman ready. However, a woman should give herself a running start. It is not solely a man’s job to arouse his woman. To have a more fulfilling sexual moment, a woman must put effort into getting herself into a sexual state of mind.

Women may tease men in many ways. She can try touching his skin around sexual parts. She can also try talking dirty. Leave something for the imaginations by removing only a few clothing. Wearing a perfume that he loves is also great at teasing.

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